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Jeff Thompson – UnConvention

UN-CONVENTION hosted Panel Discussion: DO IT TOGETHER…

Joining the Louder Than Words programme for the third year running, Un-Convention will be exploring something particularly close to its heart at this year’s event – collaboration. Since its inception Un-Convention has followed the ethos of ‘Do It Together’, and the belief that working in partnership with other artists, creatives and organisations will inevitably produce something greater than the sum of its parts. This panel will look at how successful local, national and international creative collaborations have come together; and how sharing knowledge, bouncing ideas around, collective action and strength in numbers may be the key to success. We’ll also take the opportunity to explore how we can all start collaborating more.
Jeff Thompson – Un-Convention

Jeff is co-founder of Un-Convention, and a Director of Manchester’s Bare Noise Records.

Established in 2008, Un-Convention is a UK based global music network and development agency. The events and projects bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. Through this Jeff has helped to develop a number of new and innovative approaches to building sustainable careers and alternative models for the music industries. His current work includes a long term music project working with young people in Manchester, the development of a number of music co-operatives in Africa, and a revolutionary new UK based touring model called Off Axis.

He is fortunate enough to spend much of his time working with musicians, filmmakers, designers, illustrators, writers, directors, actors, dancers, animators and numerous other talented and innovative people.


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