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Patricia Snake

Congratulations to Patricia Snake who won our Poetry Slam!

Patricia’s latest piece for Louder Than Words Festival:

He still sees the finger paintings in the sky;
Primary smudges and multicoloured speckle memories
Of attics with no daylight
And layers on layers of dust.
There’s a makeshift bed in the corner;
He’s scared of what will happen if he opens the door;
Scared of what will happen if he doesn’t.
His mouth and watercolours turn into deserts
And so does he.

Now when he paints he harnesses the sun,
And all the light in the world
Won’t match the look on his mother’s face
When he cuts that velvet rope
At the doors of his first exhibition.
And all the heat in the world,
Can’t rival the warmth in the smile he’s set free.

And she still hears the beep, sometimes,
That medical metronome to regulate when she could Breathe/Speak/Blink
She didn’t need a needle against vinyl
When they were already cold beneath her skin.
How could she be a girl made of percussion and major chords
When her heart could barely keep time by itself.

What she doesn’t see
Is that even an ECG has rhythm
And what better beat than the one that keeps you alive?
All you need is a single finger to conduct an orchestra.
Some people get lost in the music;
She found herself there.

And to the girl whose words never come out right
Fractured like mirror shards
Reflecting back a distorted kind of you;
Paper doesn’t let you down.
Maybe it will rip and tear and the ink will run,
But trust me, there’s no better way to let your words out-
To make your voice heard in beautiful rhyming meter.
Someday people will realise you have fingerprint skylines and clinical beats inside you
and they are dying, dying to get out.
This; these words, these songs, this art.
This is how you set them free.

See? She’s just brilliant!

Currently an undergraduate English student at Manchester Metropolitan University, Patricia Snake was raised on a passion for poetry that manifested in a love of feminist spoken word artists such as Desiree Dallagiacomo, Olivia Gatwood and Crystal Valentine. She strives to increase diversity and acceptance within modern literature, and hopes to make poetry increasingly accessible to all.

As a member of Manchester’s spoken word projects, Young Identity and the Stirred Feminist Collective, Patricia has performed at multiple events within the city, including the Royal Exchange Theatre’s female monologue programme I’ve Been Thinking, Contact Theatre’s One Mic Stand, and Three Minute Theatre’s Sonnet Slam as part of the Festival of Arts. She was also a guest performer alongside Jane Ormerod at the launch of Great Weather for Media’s latest anthology, Before Passing.

She has a passion for monster movies and once slept overnight in a bookshop.

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