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Jordan & Cathi Unsworth in conversation…

No Smoking Pistol

Saturday 10 Nov  |  6pm

No Smoking Pistol is the working title for Jordan’s memoir, authored by the above pair, which will be the first and only time Jordan will tell her story in her own words. It will trace her childhood ambitions to dance like Margot Fonteyn and the car crash that changed all that, the lifelines of music and Star Trek that altered her trajectory and fashioned her into the first punk in town; her voyage from sleepy Seaford to The King’s Road and her years of managing the shop through its various incarnations as The Sex Pistols rose, flamed and burned; her filmic collaborations with Jarman; and the role she took in discovering and mentoring Adam and the Ants.

It will detail the cultural shifts in the UK that were the backdrop to the punk revolution; how women came to be at the forefront of a new musical wave as equals to men for the first time in history; and how gay men and women and other sexual subcultures deemed to be ‘deviant’ at the time helped to play such an important role in shaping the discourse. With exclusive interviews with the major players, including Vivienne Westwood, Paul Cook, Marco Pirroni, Michael Collins, Simon Barker, Derek Dunbar, Peter York, Jon Savage, Michael Costiff, Ted Polhemus and many others. To be published by Omnibus Press in Spring 2019.

This exclusive in conversation will give audience members a very special insight to this great memoir and all ticket holders will have the opportunity to pre-order a signed pre-publication copy of the book via Louder Than Words Festival (we will contact all ticket buyers directly).

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