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Rudi Esch


Rudi Esch is a german musician who initially started playing in Punk and New Wave bands. He is the bass-player of the Industrial band ‘Die Krupps’, but in the context of Louder, is probably better known as the author of ELECTRI_CITY The Düsseldorf School of Electronic Music, a book that truly encapsulates the Zeitgeist of that music defining era. Fascinated by the early beginnings of Punk and different individual artistic viewpoints on the DIY-movement, Esch has worked with Sheila Rock using some of her images in his latest book ‘Das ist DAF‘. We are truly delighted that this collaboration has led to both Rudi and Sheila joining us at Louder 2018! Back home Rudi is hosting his annual ELECTRI_CITY Conference in Dusseldorf in October, now a European partner festival to Louder Than Words. Rudi studied modern Literature and Philosophy and works as a music consultant in Düsseldorf and London.

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