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Glam Vs Prog…

The Great 1970s Heavyweight Championship

Saturday 10 Nov  |  2.15pm

The musical grudge match of the early 1970s is explored, with music, diagrams and possibly even actual fisticuffs.

In the left corner, on the 45 format, and weighing in at 2 minutes 45, GLAM ROCK!

Simon Philo, author of GLAM ROCK: MUSIC IN SOUND AND VISION, will make the case for this music as the decade’s undisputed, unifying champ.

In the right, on double album with gatefold sleeve, at 16 minutes minimum, PROG ROCK!

Daryl Easlea, author of the newly updated WITHOUT FRONTIERS: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF PETER GABRIEL, will suggest why this complex music is our worthy champion.

Toe to toe, blow by blow! Will there be a KO or a points victory? Could it even be a draw, as we concede that the two musics are really not that dissimilar after all?

Find out this coming November!

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