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Bob Follen has run BobArtModels in West Yorkshire since January 2014.
Bob is a trained painter and modelmaker. He has been making models and art in public since 2001, his first exhibition being alongside Bill Drummond. He’s designed numerous record and book covers, constructed props and stage sets for films and the retail industry.

His portraits are punky, fun, and really about appreciation for the subject matter.

Bob’s wares have been sold through independent shops, museums, galleries, markets and online. He ran a pop-up stall selling his work for 2 years.

Collecting pop memorabilia since 1985, Bob curated a large tribute exhibition to David Bowie in February 2016. Bob has also been involved in the major Pink Floyd touring exhibition “Their Mortal Remains”. Part of his Pink Floyd collection is due to be published in book form in 2019.

A contributor to Louder since 2015, his purpose is to create an exclusive range of cards and prints, celebrating the LTWF 2018 line-up.

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