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Nick Soulsby


Nick Soulsby has authored five volumes focused on the field of alternative/experimental rock. His most recent, “Swans: Sacrifice and Transcendence – the Oral History” (Jawbone Press, 2018), was provoked by a philosophical question: how does an artist remain creative across an entire lifetime without repeating themselves? How do they always drive themselves to strive for the amazing and to create art rather than just ‘product’? He believes that the band Swans is one exemplar of that enduring restlessness and inspiration.

His previous work, Thurston Moore. “We Sing A New Language: the Oral Discography of Thurston Moore” (Omnibus Press, 2017), provided an alternative approach and answer to that same longing to find joy in lifelong endeavour. Nick’s other three volumes focused on the band Nirvana.

His desire, ultimately, is to always write about things he finds meaningful on more than a surface level. Pages should always speak to blood and life.

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