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Swans: Sacrifice & Transcendence…

The Oral History with author Nick Soulsby

Saturday 10 Nov  |  10am

“I’m no stranger to failure, and I’m aware it can arrive at any minute – as it often has. You have to keep things close to your chest and be aware of what’s really important: the work. If you have faith in the work, then the people will come…It’s an artistic imperative, it has nothing to do with public perception or career or any of that crap.” (Michael Gira, 2017)

“Swans: Sacrifice and Transcendence – the Oral History” is the first volume to cover the U.S. underground’s legendary survivors. The infamous ‘loudest band on the planet’ morphed repeated before collapsing in the late nineties, only to return triumphantly in 2010 to achieve feted status among fans and critics alike.

Over 125 interviewees tell the tale of a music that wants you to forget your flesh, get rid of the body, rise as pure light and energy inside of a sound.

Join author NICK SOULSBY for this very special in conversation, followed by a dedicted book signing.

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