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Do Ravers Dream of Electric Beats…

30 years since The Second Summer of Love…
…how smiley is the ‘Smiley Face’ of Acid House Culture?


Saturday 10 Nov  |  8.15-9.30pm

30 years since the infamous Second Summer of Love, an esteemed panel of writers, DJs, academics and radio personalities come together to revisit the dancefloor and review and assess where we are now at with Electronic Dance Music Culture.

Joining the club culture panel is radio presenter and DJ DAVID DUNNE and music journalist and author of Mars By 1980 DAVID STUBBS, while a more contemporary perspective is offered by VASS LAURICELLA of PR agency Urban Rebel. To offer a more academic route into decoding these questions, Dr BEATE PETER from Manchester Metropolitan University discusses her attempt to digitally archive the memories of the participants in this scene and as ever, the panel is convened and chaired by Dr Disco, AKA Louder’s (non DJ) Dr SIMON A. MORRISON, who recorded his own stories for DJmag in the collection Discombobulated.

So… how smiley is the famous Smiley Face of acid house culture in 2018? Let’s find out…

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