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We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story…

part 1 by Martin James.

Sunday 11 Nov  |  4.15pm

Last year, music critic turned full blown professor Martin James talked at LTW about the perils, pitfalls and utter nightmares of self-publishing. It was, he thought, the end of a year-long struggle to put out a reworked version of his acclaimed biography of The Prodigy. Another year on LTW 18 finally sees the launch of his biography of The Prodigy. We Eat Rhythm draws on his experiences in the studio and traveling the world with the electronic punk trailblazers. Martin has close links to the band and once supplied sleeve notes for the compilation Their Law. Since 1997 he has also worked closely with the band’s leader Liam Howlett on producing the band’s official press materials, including the press biography for The Prodigy’s seventh album No Tourists which Martin recently wrote.

Come and hear stories about Martin’s self-publishing journey… and one or two war stories.

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