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Ripped & Torn

Fanzine founder Tony Drayton in conversation


Sunday 11 Nov  |  4.15pm

Ripped & Torn is a thrilling visual portrait of a time, place, and subculture that shocked the world with music.

Join Tony Drayton in conversation as we celebrate the publication of Ripped & Torn (Ecstatic Peace Library/Omnibus Press)- a true Festival treat is in store for sure!
Within its pages, Ripped & Torn editor Tony Drayton presents a compendium of his visually striking ephemera from the UK’s loudest punk fanzine.

The book includes over 300 pages of gig reviews, interviews, letters, advertisements, badge templates, handwritten album reviews of famous and obscure musical acts; original collages and contributions fromfrom designers, record stores, record labels, venues, and related political groups all designed in Tony’s signature raw “ripped” and torn-out and pasted DIY style.

Once disposable ephemera, now among the most collectible and most-wanted fanzines in the world, this Ripped & Torn anthology tells the story of the music, style, opinions, and art from a young punk whom attended every show.

What a privilege it will be to hear the Ripped & Torn story straight from the founder’s mouth!

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