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Tony Drayton


Tony Drayton founded two legendary punk fanzines, Ripped & Torn in 1976 and Kill Your Pet Puppy in 1980. He chronicled the rise of punk and how it developed into a lifestyle whilst living the life and being highly active on the anarcho-punk scene in the early eighties, helping set up the Black Sheep Housing Co-op and a peace centre at Centro Iberico in London.

Tony has written for music publications such as Sounds, NME, Record Mirror, Zig Zag & Punk Lives.

Tony left music journalism in 1984 to perform and develop a punk circus across Europe, pioneering the likes of Archaos, before touring the world in his own right as a fire-breathing entertainer; in which time he did such things as meeting Lady Di and unicycling around the Royal Albert Hall dressed as an enormous goose.

Ecstatic Peace Library/Omnibus Press have just published a compendium of all his seventeen issues of Ripped & Torn.

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