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John McCready

Saturday 10 Nov  |  12-1.15pm

John McCready is Head of the Music Journalism degree course at BIMM Manchester. He has lectured in music, journalism and popular culture at Leeds College Of Music, Huddersfield University, Edge Hill, Staffordshire, Salford and John Moores University. There were long associations as a writer with NME, The Face, Mojo, Word, Radio Times and Mixmag. He also worked at BBC television as a Producer and Music Consultant on many music programmes- among them documentaries on the Beach Boys and The Carpenters- and was Programme Consultant on C4’s John Lennon Night. John was Press Officer for Network Records- having run campaigns for Techno legends Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and the chart topping ‘Junior KLF’ Altern 8. John is a former Hacienda DJ- having been resident for 5 years in the Gay Traitor bar. He is currently working on a set of sleeve notes to accompany a major New Order re-release campaign and research papers on Journalism in dance culture and the Situationist thread in pop- this last relating to his own major collection of Pro Situ texts, posters and documents held at John Moores University.

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