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Edwyn Collins

From a career spanning almost 40 years, here’s some of the highs and lows:

In 1980, in Glasgow, formed Postcard Records of Scotland with Alan Horne.

Home of Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Josef K and the Go-Betweens.

In 1985, after four albums, disbanded Orange Juice and began a solo career.

In 1995, Edwyn’s third solo album, Gorgeous George, spawned his biggest hit record, A Girl Like You. A global smash, indeed.

After 12 years of making and producing records for himself and many other artists in his West Heath Studios in London, in 2005 Edwyn suffered a serious brain haemorrhage which hospitalised him for six months and necessitated a rehabilitation period lasting several years. Alongside language and mobility restrictions, as a result of the loss of use of his right arm, Edwyn could no longer play the guitar as he had.

In 2007, Edwyn completed and released Home Again, a record he was working on when he fell ill.

In 2008, he undertook his first touring dates.

In 2010, Losing Sleep, a new record with a new style of singing and writing, and featuring many musical friends, received the warmest praise from supporters old and new. Edwyn toured the world in support.

In 2013, Understated, the 12th album of his career, appeared.

In 2014, The Possibilities Are Endless, a poetic documentary by young filmmakers Edward Lovelace and James Hall, receives amazing praise and is a surprise success. (Well, to us.)

In 2015 Edwyn quits London and moves permanently to his home in Helmsdale, in the far north-east of Scotland, where he continues construction of a brand new recording studio on a hill behind his home, overlooking the vast Moray Firth.

In 2016, Clashnarrow Studios is open for business and welcomes its first bands and musicians to take inspiration from its glorious setting.

Early 2017 – work begins on a new album at Clashnarrow.

March 2019 sees the release of Badbea, Edwyn’s first studio album in six years, in part inspired by his return to Helmsdale.

Reviews for Badbea:

“Fantastic ninth album sees Orange Juice frontman recalling past glories. Collins’ first album since 2013 sees the singer in pleasingly superb form.” Uncut – 9/10

“The man’s a marvel” Mojo – 4/5

“A record of a very fine sort” Q – 4/5

In May 2019 Edwyn announces the ‘Hide The Biscuits…It’s Edwyn Collins Outside Tour’ in August and September 2019 and releases a new Double A Side Single: It’s All About You/Sometimes Always Never. Both tracks, written and recorded with Sean Read, are taken from the soundtrack of the film Sometimes Always Never which stars Bill Nighy and Sam Riley and is the directorial debut of Carl Hunter, who makes and teaches film in Liverpool and is a long-standing member of The Farm.

Keep on chooglin’.

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