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Foreground Music: A life in 15 gigs

Graham Duff in conversation…with Lucy O’Brien.

Madonna and Dusty Springfield biographer Lucy O’Brien will be In Conversation with Graham Duff, one of TV’s most prolific screenwriters.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  2.15pm

His new book Foreground Music is a heartbreakingly funny memoir about the life-changing gigs he has been to – from Cliff Richard to Joy Division, The Jam, Sleater Kinney and David Bowie.

Music has always been a huge part of Graham’s work. He curated a wide spectrum of music across all 53 episodes of his sit-com Ideal, which starred Johnny Vegas and had guest appearances by Paul Weller and Mark E. Smith. For his horror anthology series The Nightmare Worlds of H.G. Wells he commissioned a score by Damon Reece of Massive Attack and the Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser. Graham will be talking about music, comedy, TV, and delving into memoir

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