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Is Extinction Rebellion a return to the 60s?

Novelists Leslie Tate and Sue Hampton were arrested on Waterloo Bridge during the Extinction Rebellion uprising this April in London. They will tell the story of XR, comparing it with the 60s.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  4.15pm

In interview, Leslie will talk about his 60s novel Purple, touching on pirate radio, Abbie Hoffman, The Pink Fairies, Lindsay Kemp, the Oz trial and much more – but also the story of kids at risk and the hidden dangers at the heart of the youth rebellion.

Sue will give a first-hand description of today’s XR climate revolution: the music, the spirituality, and being arrested. There’ll also be album covers from the 60s and Extinction Rebellion songs.

By the end you’ll have experienced the 60s anti-war movement and today’s environmental resistance movement from the inside, as it happened – and is still happening, today.

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