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The compelling and inspiring story of Dusty Springfield twenty years on.

Dusty Springfield was one of our greatest pop singers. She was a musical pioneer and the very essence of authentic white soul.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  10.15am

Twenty years after her passing, she continues to fascinate and inspire. Featuring a new introduction, photographs and over 45 original interviews with close friends and those who worked with her including Sir Tom Jones, Lulu and the legendary arranger Ivor Raymonde, this latest edition of Lucy O’Brien’s classic biography fully explores her life and legacy.

This special in conversation with Lucy will take us on an insightful journey through the Dusty story – from a troubled Home Counties childhood to becoming a sixties mod queen and solo star, and from her struggles with addiction and mental health to her status as an influential LGBT heroine, this is a must-have for Dusty and soul fans alike.

‘She exuded all the finesse of an unhappy, gawky schoolgirl. A misfit. Someone who would never belong. ‘You’ll never make it, Mary O’Brien,’ she said to herself. ‘You’ll never make it, Mary. You’re dull, boring and destined for librarianhood.’ […] Within the next ten years she would metamorphose into a glorious parody of femininity, with a tall blonde beehive wig and layers of heavy black mascara around her eyes. […] In a bedroom in 1950’s London, she created a girl called Dusty.’

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