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Unseen photographs & treasures from life with the Rolling Stones.

In this special in conversation, Jo Wood will take us on a journey around some of the 500 never-before-seen photographs, notes, artworks, diary entries and mementoes from life behind the scenes of the Rolling Stones

Friday 8 Nov  |  9.30pm

Married to the Stones’ legendary guitarist Ronnie for 30 years, Jo Wood lived the rock star life – from all-night parties, sell-out shows and recording sessions to relaxing with the band on holiday, at home and away from it all. Her incredible collection of treasures from this time is a once-in-a-lifetime look behind the scenes of the biggest band in the world, showing the real people underneath the rock star personas.

Accompanied by personal memories and behind the scenes anecdotes from Jo, STONED is a love letter to the rock ‘n’ roll life and a truly unique window into the eye of the Rolling Stones hurricane.

“I have always loved taking pictures. Wherever I was I always had my camera with me – these pictures are real and were never taken with a book in mind. They show the band off guard, without having to worry that it was another photo shoot. It’s about real life, on the road with a bunch of guys who happened to be in a fantastic band, all too often in the public gaze but more importantly away from it as well. The book is a celebration of my family and friends, a thank you to my past, and a look into a rock and roll moment in time.” – Jo Wood

“These images are great and have been tucked away for years” – Ronnie Wood

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