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Music in Pictures:

From Buzzcocks to Bowie with Garrett and Barnbrook.

Designing the perfect album sleeve – from buzzcocks to bowie – the rise, fall and rise again of the album cover with designers Malcolm Garrett and Jonathan Barnbrook

Saturday 9 Nov  |  12.15pm

Both Garrett and Barnbrook are noted record cover designers. Garrett with his work for The Buzzcocks, Duran Duran and Simple Minds. Barnbrook for his work for David Bowie on his last albums including The Next Day and Blackstar.  Through examples of their own works, general insights and dialogue between them they will discuss what it is that makes a good record cover, the process of trying to translate and encapsulate music in a visual form, the importance of loving and knowing the band and how after years of neglect why they are feeling optimistic about working on them again.

What a privilege and a treat we have in store for sure!

This event is co-promoted by and presented in collaboration with Design Manchester.

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