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Beatles vs Stones

The Louder Heavyweight Bout of the Millennium 

Join Simon Philo & Daryl Easlea for their latest bout in the musical ring!

Saturday 9 Nov  |  4.15pm

The musical grudge match to end all grudge matches is played out with music, diagrams, props and possibly even actual fisticuffs.

In the left corner … THE BEATLES!  Simon Philo, author of British Invasion, will make the case for the Beatles as popular music’s undisputed, unifying champs.

In the right … THE ROLLING STONES!  author Daryl Easlea, will argue for the Stones as our worthy champions.

Toe to toe, blow by blow! Will there be a KO or a points victory?  Could it even be a draw, as we are forced to concede that they are both winners?

Find out this coming November – it’s gonna be great fun to watch, engage and shout for your corner!

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