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Romantic Soul…or Whole Lotta Love?

Songwriting Genius…or Musical Magpie?
Guitar Hero? Guitar God!

The original enigmatic rock star, Jimmy Page is a mass of contradictions.This is the recluse who played marathon guitar solos to millions all over the world; the man whose glittering gold brought him a classic car collection, even though he cannot drive.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  10.00am

With his art project Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was the leader of the biggest band in the world during the 1970s. The ubiquitous ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and the thunderous live shows took them to the top, while their refusal to appear on Top of the Pops or release singles guaranteed that Led Zeppelin did it their own way.

With their mountain of money, revolving door of groupies and excessive drug-taking, Led Zeppelin wrote the rule book on rock’n’roll, and Jimmy Page authored every move. But it came at a price – hubris and finally tragedy would strike to ensure that this Zeppelin, much like the Hindenburg, went up in flames.

Drawing upon his extensive research and conversations with the guitarist and his entourage, in this treat of an event, author Chris Salewicz will unravel the enigma that is Jimmy Page, presenting a complete portrait of the man and his work. Covering everything from the early days as one of London’s leading session players to the decades-long power struggle with sorcerer’s apprentice Robert Plant, Chris’ book Jimmy Page: the Definitive Biography provides the final word on the man who has courted the occult, curated his own legacy and guaranteed himself immortality.

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