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Kim Hawes ‘Confessions of a Female Tour Manager’

Saturday 7th November, 10.15am

Whilst KIM HAWES may have fell into the industry by accident, she was clearly a natural. She was trusted by the bands who had an inbuilt distrust of the industry. She had the ability to diffuse potentially lethal situations and had the rare ability to bridge the gap between industry and talent. Kim would never compromise. She was expected to conform to the stereotypes of the male orientated industry but refused to do so. She would do it her way, the right way.

This was a time when there were no women on the touring or live side of the industry, Kim was a first and is cited as a pioneer for women in the music industry, an accolade recognised by the University of Lancashire when they awarded Kim an Honorary Fellowship in 2019 for her services to the music industry and to tour management.

Kim recognises that with her achievements and accolades comes a responsibility to those following in her footsteps. She has undertaken a pivotal role in many young women’s journeys into music, offering guidance and much needed support.

Kim’s story is one of naivety, love, frustration, fights and sheer determination. It is one of not taking no for an answer, sticking to your principals and achieving your goals. It is one of hard work, hard partying and hard times.

Kim defies pre-conceptions, rolls her designer sleeves up and gets on with it. She reached the top of her industry whilst being a wife (twice) and a mother. This is no ordinary tale of “life on the road”

There are no books quite so raw, so honest and so loveable available and this, and the utter madness of her exploits, is what will make it sell. There is very little to compare it with as Kim was, and still is a non-compromising trailblazer.

Confessions of a Female Tour Manager is Kim’s first book but will not be her last. Kim plans to write more industry-based books on how the music industry actually works, and specifically how it works for women.

Copies of Kim’s book are available for purchase via Amazon.

Kim Hawes has worked in the music industry for over 30 years with some of the biggest and baddest bands there are. She blagged her way into working merchandise for Elvis Costello which led to a job merching Rush all around Europe. She spent many years sleeping underneath Lemmy from Motorhead….on a tour bus. She toured with Black Sabbath just as Ronnie James Dio entered the band and they unleashed Heaven & Hell on the world. She threw Madonna of her stage, turned Courtney Love down, had to say no to Nelson Mandela, and had to deal with the aftermath of Chumbawumba drenching the deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. Yes there are tales of Sex, Drugs & Rock’N’Roll, debauchery and fights, suitcases full of cash and Hells Angels….there might even be a TV thrown out of a window, but Kim’s story is so so much more.
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