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‘The Politics of Dancing’

Louder Than Words Club Culture Panel

Arguably the greatest reconstitution of music and intoxication came during 1988’s Second Summer of Love, where a rave might co-opt a beach, field or warehouse for a dancefloor. However, academics, writers and commentators have long argued over whether this party ever had a political point.  Music writer Simon Reynolds for instance called the rave scene, ‘the cult of acceleration without destination’, with Rupa Huq adding that ‘rave was seen as ideologically vacuous’.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  8.15pm

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Romantic Soul…or Whole Lotta Love?

Songwriting Genius…or Musical Magpie?
Guitar Hero? Guitar God!

The original enigmatic rock star, Jimmy Page is a mass of contradictions.This is the recluse who played marathon guitar solos to millions all over the world; the man whose glittering gold brought him a classic car collection, even though he cannot drive.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  10.00am

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Welcome to Eggland!

The Lovely Eggs in Conversation

What a treat to have the Lovely Eggs in conversation with Louder’s John Robb. Join us for this special event taking us on a journey through Eggland and beyond.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  8.00pm

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Steven Gill’s First Book

‘The Rock ‘n’ The Roll. ‘N’ That..’ was the result of scratching a long held literary itch.
An avid reader, a visit to the inaugural Festival No.6 inspired him to get creative and some 450 plus pages later, the Manchester musical melodrama was conceived.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  3.30pm
Sunday 10 Nov  |  1.30pm

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Louder’s Artist in Residence, the wonderful Bob Follen is experiencing lots of anniversaries this year (turning 40 straight after the festival doesn’t help.) which has lead him to try to get to grips with his own personal music memorabilia archive.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  11am – 6pm
Sunday 10 Nov  |  11am – 5pm

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Music in Pictures:

From Buzzcocks to Bowie with Garrett and Barnbrook.

Designing the perfect album sleeve – from buzzcocks to bowie – the rise, fall and rise again of the album cover with designers Malcolm Garrett and Jonathan Barnbrook

Saturday 9 Nov  |  12.15pm

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The Nineties:

The epic highs and crashing lows of the UK’s most creative and hedonistic period.

The nineties were the decade when British culture reclaimed its position at the artistic centre of the world.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  2.15pm

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The compelling and inspiring story of Dusty Springfield twenty years on.

Dusty Springfield was one of our greatest pop singers. She was a musical pioneer and the very essence of authentic white soul.

Saturday 9 Nov  |  10.15am

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